No Excuses

Do you know what I really fucking hate hearing? “I used to (insert go to gym, road bike, mountain bike, whatever) but life happened” Or, “I just don’t have time.” You’re lying to yourself and me and it’s bullshit. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As anyone with a family will tell you, its all about finding balance. If anything, it could be a time to share what you love with everyone. Exposing your kids (even just by constantly seeing you do it) could create a healthy habit in them when they’re older. I remember my dad going to the gym, drinking raw eggs, and reading magazines with jacked Arnold Schwarzenegger across the cover. Not once did he urge to me pick up a weight. But as soon as we moved close to a gym I could walk to I got me a membership and started educating myself. (I did forgo the raw eggs, though).

You need to find time for the things you love. If only for your sanity. I love my family. Sometimes I cannot disappear for 5 hours to ride my bike. So I wake up at 4:30am to ride the trainer before work. Or maybe today is when my lady does her Crossfit thing and I have the kids. Then it’s time for kid weighted exercises in the living room while watching Peppa Pig on the TV.

There needs to be balance. Life is too short. There’s no time for excuses.

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